Drivers frustrated over 27-hour closure at Sunland Park


    Traffic woes continued in west El Paso on Sunday.

    A 27-hour closure forced drivers on I-10 west to take the Sunland Park exitExit.

    Crews were demolishing a bridge, so the area needed to be shut down.

    Drivers we spoke with said the traffic build-upbuildup was one big headache, especially on a holiday weekend.

    "You try to be patient, but you feel like they could do it at better times,” said El Paso driver Wesley Stonell.

    This is part of the Go-10 project.

    "What we're doing for this one is, we need to demolish and rebuild a bridge,” said Noemi Rojas with HNTB Corporation, which is working with TXDoT on the engineering aspect of the project. "It's the toughest year of the project and so, we can't afford to put it off for holidays or events, like we might have in the past."

    Drivers said navigating through the bumper to bumper-to-bumper traffic washas been full of headaches.

    "The traffic -- it took us an hour to get from downtown to here (Mesa Street and Sunland Park Drive),” said El Paso driver Xavier Clestind.

    "But, just trying to get to where I need to be is taking double the time and it's just inconvenient,” said El Paso driver Monique Armendariz.

    Good news for diversdrivers, the project is on track to be completed later this year.

    "The official completion date is April 2019, but by December this year, we want to be done with the structures, with the pavement, so we're hoping to be out of everyone's way before December,” said Rojas.

    The area will reopen at 6 a.m. on Monday.

    Rojas said to be aware while driving on the interstate once the area opens up, because some of the lanes will shift.

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