Drivers doing illegal maneuvers to avoid Go-10 project closures

Some drivers are going to great and illegal lengths to avoidclosures on Interstate 10. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

Whenever Interstate 10 shuts down as part of the Go-10 project, some drivers don’t want to deal with the closures or the traffic that ensues.

There have been a few closures on the westbound side of the highway between Executive Center Boulevard and Resler Drive over the past few weeks. The traffic begins to pile up right after the University Avenue exit.

"The freeway is a nightmare,” Sally Rogers of West El Paso said.

"We got to be more careful,” Jose Parra of West El Paso said.

Some drivers are going to great and illegal lengths to avoid this traffic.

Drivers are reversing their way up the University Avenue on-ramp to avoid the closure or they are just driving the wrong way on it.

Safe to say, some people were shocked when KFOX14 showed them video of what happened.

"They need to read because that says wrong way. That's just so dangerous,” Natalie Garcia of West El Paso said. “I don't know why they are doing that."

"It's dangerous, and then the traffic backs up,” Antoinette Flores of West El Paso said. “People put themselves in more danger, you know, with these situations."

"It's rather incredible. They're going to start a big chain-reaction wreck,” Bob Weatherley of West El Paso said. "I think the police should be out there picking up everybody."

The El Paso Police Department said it's working with supervisors who are in charge of Texas Department of Transportation traffic control on these closures in order to prevent this from happening in the future.

Other drivers have a message to these drivers.

"They shouldn't be doing this at all, because it's going to cause more delays,” Flores said.

"You stay in the traffic until you get out of the holdup,” Weatherley said.

"They need to plan a different route so they can avoid it if they are in a hurry,” Garcia said.

Police stated it is up to drivers to be responsible when encountering and preparing for closures and traffic.

You can find out all of the road closures going on in our area so you don't have to end up like these drivers. Just follow us on Twitter at KFOXTraffic for any and all updates

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