Drivers deal with heavy holiday traffic Saturday

Drivers deal with heavy holiday traffic Saturday.

Drivers around The Outlet Shoppes at El Paso dealt with heavy traffic Saturday afternoon.

"Man, it's horrible. (There's) so much traffic it took me about an hour and a half to come from the east side," motorist Roberto Anchondo said.

Anchondo said that trip normally takes just 15 minutes.

Some drivers planned their routes differently to avoid the backup.

"It's ridiculous,” resident Andrew Salinas said. "We kind of planned it out. We didn't come on the freeway. We came on the bottom roads. We beat (the traffic) getting in here."

Drivers said they expected it to be bad given the holiday weekend and last-minute shoppers.

"We came up from the Sunland Park area, and that stretch right there from Sunland Park to I-10 is the worst," driver Laura Olivas said. "Lots of honking and lots of mad people."

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