Drivers deal with 27-hour closure on I-10 Sunday


    A major I-10 closure left drivers in bumper to bumper traffic on Sunday.

    I-10 west from Resler to North Mesa is currently under a 27 hour closure.

    Drivers on Sunland Park Drive were moving at a snail's pace during the Sunday closure.

    The stop and go traffic built up around the Sunland Park Mall and continued down near Doniphan Drive.

    It was just one of the areas affected by the 27-hour closure as Texas Department of Transportation crews demolish the old Resler flyover ramp and put the finishing touches on the new one.

    As a result, I-10 West has been closed completely between Resler and North Mesa.

    Drivers are unable to get onto I-10 west at Sunland Park because of the closure.

    “It's OK. Patience is key,” said one El Paso driver.

    Though the bumper-to-bumper traffic was a bit of a hassle for drivers, some said it's for the greater good.

    “It's the cost of progress. We're building up our city. We're getting more ways to get around and it causes traffic,” said El Paso driver Judy Rodan.

    The closure will end at 6 am, just in time for your morning commute.

    The new flyover ramp will be ready for use by then.

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