Drivers, businesses impacted by 27-hour Go10 closure on El Paso’s Westside

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    I-10 west is now open following a closure.

    West El Paso drivers dealt with a lot of construction and traffic Sunday, but that positive progress on the GO10 Project unfortunately impacted businesses as well.

    I-10 closed completely between Executive Center and Sunland Park. Traffic throughout the day was a nightmare around the UTEP area with bumper-to-bumper traffic, last-minute mergers and semis and cars fighting for space.

    GO10 Project officials said this is a major operation on I-10 Westbound that lasts 27 hours.

    "It was before UTEP and it was just like, really really long,” said Santa Teresa resident Sol Barraza.

    It has been closed like this since 3 a.m. Sunday. Drivers said they were stuck in stop-and-go traffic on the interstate for at least 30 minutes Sunday afternoon.

    One family from Phoenix was in town for a wedding. They went downtown to buy a shirt and got caught in the closure.

    "On the way back, it was just unbearable,” said Phoenix resident Jesus Hernandez. "The kid crying, for one thing. The phone ran out of battery. And it was hot. It was about 49 minutes’ worth of the trip, just from downtown to here where we are at right now."

    The closure detoured traffic onto Mesa Street. We timed it and it took us 50 minutes to drive from Downtown to Sunland Park Drive on Mesa Street. That cleared up after 6 p.m.

    "Last-minute merging [bothers me] a little bit,” Barraza said.

    The congestion on Mesa Street could have hurt some businesses. Spa and Nails on Mesa said the chairs are never that empty on a weekend.

    "Today is kind of slower than other Sundays. I don't know why,” explained technician Juliann Nguyn. “Every day is different, and every week is different, but yes. This Sunday kind of is slow.

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