Dog thefts have Eastside homeowners on edge

Dog stolen in east El Paso. (KFOX14/CBS4)

People who live in a neighborhood near George Dieter and Edgemere noticed that holiday decorations have been disappearing since October.

Now, several pets have also gone missing. Homeowners are left heartbroken and on edge.

Jenna Flores and her family are learning to live without their beloved basset hound, Lady.

“Every day [my kids are] asking me, ‘Are we going to find Lady? Are we going to find Lady?’ and it’s very upsetting not being able to tell them for sure yes or no,” Flores said.

Lady was stolen from their home on Tenaha Street on Sunday.

“They had actually dismantled the lock where the latch holds on cause [my dad] locks this gate, so they had actually taken it apart to get in to the backyard,” Flores said.

People in the area said this isn’t the first time pets or items have gone missing in the past couple of months.

Bridgette Reyes told KFOX14 her granddaughter’s Shih Tzu, Cookie, was stolen in front of their owners more than a week ago.

“A man got out and just pulled the dog off of the property,” Reyes said.

The man drove off in a red Neon. The family tried chasing after him but he got away.

The Pebble Hills Regional Command reports 2,631 thefts from October 15-21. That’s compared to 2,583 last year.

From Dec. 3-9, 3,054 thefts were reported, compared to 3,001 last year.

“The situation is getting to be really uncomfortable,” Reyes said.

Police reports have been filed for the missing dogs.

Both women told KFOX14 they just want anyone with information to come forward so they can reunite with their pets before the holidays.

“All of us have been reviewing all the videos that we have of [Lady] from when she was a puppy to now and it’s just heartbreaking cause they’re not just dogs, they’re part of your family,” Flores said.

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