Doctors said injuries to infant are indicative of child abuse, father facing charges

Steve Estrada was charged with injury to a child after investigators say his 7-week-old daughter suffered severe swelling and bleeding to the brain while under his care.

A newborn baby who was seriously injured while under the care of his father showed symptoms of shaken baby syndrome, according to court documents.

Earlier this month, the infant’s father, 27-year-old Steve Estrada, was charged with injury to a child, investigators said.

According to court documents, Estrada was taking care of the 7-week-old after the baby’s mother left the home on Chromite Street to go to work.

Estrada said the he fed the baby twice but the second time he attempted to give her the bottle, she allegedly did not want it, the court documents state.

Estrada told investigators that when he left to try to adjust the temperature of the bottle, he no longer heard the infant crying.

The father said he went back into the room and saw the baby was unresponsive and gasping for air, according to the court documents.

Estrada told investigators he placed a frozen package of bacon on the baby’s face to try and get her to respond but she didn’t.

The infant was taken to a local hospital where a CT scan showed severe swelling and bleeding in the brain. A doctor also said the baby’s injuries were not accidental and were indicative of child abuse, specifically being shaken, court documents say.

A second doctor also said the baby’s injuries suggested she was abused.

Estrada told investigators he was the only person with the baby at the time she became unconscious but denied causing the injuries.

Estrada remains jailed in lieu of a $250,000 bond.

The baby is continuing to receive medical attention, police said.

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