Doña Ana County commissioners appoint Dr. Amanda Lopez Askin as interim county clerk

Doña Ana County commissioners appoint Dr. Amanda Lopez Askin as interim county clerk (Source: KFOX14)

Commissioners voted 3-2 in favor to appoint former NMSU student regent Dr. Amanda Lopez Askin as interim county clerk.

She will be sworn in to replace former County Clerk Scott Krahling after his abrupt resignation.

The vote for who would take over the position failed to pass the county commissioners several times Tuesday.

After hours of public input and deliberation, the commission appointed Askin.

“I think it helps that I’m a local person that I really believe has (a) good positive ethical reputation,” Askin said.

Scott Krahling previously held the county clerk position.

He resigned last month after allegations surfaced that he was having an intimate relationship with his former Deputy County Clerk Rose Ann Vasquez.

Commissioner Billy Garrett talked about the county and its need for positive leadership without scandal on Tuesday.

“People (are) looking for change but we’re also looking for not-disruptive change and I think that’s probably the key,” Garrett said.

Now that Askin has been appointed, she will get to decide whether to work alongside Deputy County Clerk Lindsey Bachman.

One man who gave public input said the two would make a good team for the county.

“There was a lot of support I think from both the public and the clerks office for Lindsey Bachman. I think she’s done an extraordinary role in as her role as deputy and I think she would have been a great candidate as well," Lucas Herndon said. "I’m really excited to hear that Dr. Askin is considering keeping her on and assuming Lindsey’s interested in that. I think he people of doña Ana county will be well served by these two women.”

“There’s a stereotype that sometimes women can’t work together and I think that’s absolutely a stereotype. I look forward to working with Lindsey I think again, we have compatible leadership styles that will work well within the office,” Askin said.

Askin is expected to be sworn in as interim county clerk during the next County Commissioner meeting.

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