DNA, alcohol experts testify in Tai Chan re-trial

Tai Chan in court on Thursday, May 18, 2017. (Credit: KFOX14/CBS4)

A prosecutor in the high-profile trial of former Santa Fe Deputy called it quits Thursday.

Ross Prindle, a co-counsel with the Dona Ana County District Attorney’s Office prosecuting Tai Chan, quit, said a representative with the DA’s office.

Rep’s said they cannot comment on why he quit, but they did say that there will be minimal impact to the trial.

Chan is accused of killing his partner, Jeremy Martin, at a Las Cruces hotel in 2014.

An alcohol expert, Dr. Cecile Marczinsky, testified Thursday that Chan’s blood alcohol content was three times over the legal limit on the night of the shooting.

Defense attorneys called DNA expert Raman Sandhu-Kirmer from Albuquerque to testify. The expert said that Chan’s DNA was found on the gun that was used to kill Martin.

“To a reasonable degree of scientific certainty Tai Chan was the source of the major DNA profile that was result of this mixture. Jeremy Martin could not be eliminated as a possible contributor to this DNA mixture,” said Sandhu-Kirmer.

Chan claims he shot Martin in self-defense after they got into the fight.

Thursday was the eighth day in the Chan’s re-trial. Follow @SamKFOX_CBS on Twitter for courtroom updates.

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