Del Valle High School launches fire tech program

Del Valle High School launched a program that lets students work with local firefighters.

Del Valle High School students are hoping to give back to the community through an all new fire tech program.

In between math and English class, some Del Valle High School juniors get to put their physical skills to the test.

The students are the first in the Del Valle fire tech program - the first in the Ysleta school district.

Students have already shown a lot of interest.

“It’s an honor, especially since we are the first juniors since the program just started, and we're going to be the first graduating class,” said student George Anthony Morales.

These students learn basic fire training skills. Many of them say they want to be firefighters someday.

“Ever since I was small, my cousin joined the fire department in San Antonio, and he got me interested in the fire department,” said Arturo De La Rosa.

De La Rosa is well on his way to achieving his goal.

“[Next year they will] move on to a Fire 2 class, which will also hopefully include dual credit certifications, which is going to be essential to move on to, for example, the El Paso Community College certification program, in which they can just go straight into the program without taking their prerequisites,” said fire instructor Paul Solis.

Even though the fire tech program is new, it's already gaining recognition.

Just last week, several students took part in a regional public service competition where they got to put their skills to the test.

Four students placed, and will move on to compete at the state level.

But the program also has a greater purpose.

“This is public service so [it’s] not just about the gear or the competition but it's also about giving back to the community,” Morales said.

Solis says the students will go out into the community and do fire prevention surveys and smoke detector checks for those who live near the school.

“It is an amazing feeling. I go home every day feeling good because I’m actually a part of this,” Morales said.

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