David Stout to be re-elected for county commissioner, early results show

David Stout to win county commissioner seat for precinct 2.

Early voting results show that David Stout will be re-elected for El Paso County Commissioner Precinct 2.

Sergio Lewis formerly held the position of county commissioner before then-newcomer David Stout narrowly beat him in 2014 in a runoff election.

Back then, Stout won the race by 48 votes.

As of 10 p.m., Stout led the race against Lewis with 54.37 percent of the vote while Lewis held 45.63 percent of the vote.

If Stout wins the race he will automatically retake his seat, since there is no Republican in the running.

Stout celebrated with supporters at Hotel Indigo in Downtown El Paso

“There are a lot of things we want to continue to work and a lot of projects that we haven’t finished yet. Especially the architectural historic survey, we want to make sure we finish that and get that historic district created with the national registry of historic places,” Stout said.

Stout says he feels that knocking on thousands of doors and speaking with people face to face helped steer him to the top of the race.

Lewis said he was disappointed about with the results.

“I know people say never say never, but I don’t foresee me running for anything else in the near future and that’s for sure,” Lewis said.

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