County roads could close during firework celebrations

Sender Name: David Herbert Title of Submission: Central Point Fireworks Town: Central Point Description: These were shot from the West Hills, off of Old Stage Road with a 300mm lens. Conditions were good, as there was no Moon to wash out the exposures. Exposure times varied from 4 to 8 seconds.

El Paso County could approve a request on Monday morning that would block off some county roads during 4th of July celebrations.

The county is expected to discuss a letter from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office on behalf of residents asking to block off streets in three county neighborhoods.

The areas suggested, such as Montana Vista, are normally flooded with people lighting off fireworks during the holiday and that’s the expectation this year since fireworks are allowed in the county.

On July 5th, however, there is a sea of trash left behind and that’s why the Sheriff’s Office wrote the letter, saying that residents of the neighborhoods want the roads blocked off to keep their neighborhoods safe and free of partygoers.

The letter asks to block off roads in Montana Vista on Krag Street, just south of the Marvin Lane intersection, in addition to Vista Del Este Road.

The letter also asks to block off roads in roads in Americas Estate, including Stansbury Drive and Paseo Del Este Boulevard.

The final request is to block off roads in Homestead Meadows, including Flagger Road about 2 miles north of Montana and North Krag.

The letter says that residents in this area are concerned about the large amounts of trash left behind each year in addition to potential brush fires.

It specifically requests to only give access to those living in the neighborhoods.

If the county approves all of the letter’s requests, they would also allow the Sheriff’s Office to close additional roads if necessary.

The barricades would be set up at sunset on Independence Day and open back up at sunrise on July 5.

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