El Paso County Sheriff's Office offers free spay and neuter services

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office offers free spay and neuter services.

The more unincorporated areas of El Paso County have some stray animals roaming around.

Ivan Gomez of Socorro says, "They are definitely dangerous out here and some do bite.” He continued, “I’ve been bitten by one of those stray dogs.”

Strays aren’t a rare sight for people living in the outer county. Gomez says they’ve caused problems for him in the past, telling KFOX14, “You do see a lot of traffic jamming … They’ll go after your car.”

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office has been trying to help people living in the county by offering to spay or neuter their pets for free. They’ve helped control the stray problem by fixing 103 cats and 243 dogs since the program began in September.

Those who live in Horizon City, Vinton, Socorro, Anthony, Clint or San Elizario qualify.

The free service will now be available by appointment only. Those requesting the service will need to call 915-856-4875. You can schedule an appointment for any of the dates listed below.

  1. Friday, March 2 in Horizon City, Texas
  2. Tuesday, March 13 in Anthony, Texas
  3. Friday, March 16 in Horizon City, Texas
  4. Tuesday, March 20 in Vinton, Texas
  5. Tuesday, march 27 in Anthony, Texas
  6. Friday, March 30 in Horizon City, Texas

The program only serves residents in the outer El Paso County areas, so those living in the City of El Paso are not eligible.

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