Counterfeit goods making their way through El Paso ports of entry ahead of holiday season

Counterfeit items confiscated at El Paso ports of entry. (Courtesy: CBP)

The holiday season has people looking to buy at a cheaper price, which is creating a market for low cost counterfeit goods.

“Some of them may be thinking that they're genuine when they're not,” Beverly Good said.

Good, El Paso Port of Entry director, said more than 500 products have already been seized at that port alone.

Those caught driving them through could be held responsible.

“Some of the penalties range from a fine, obviously we will seize the counterfeit products that we find, and it could lead all the way up to criminal prosecution,” Good said.

Though, sometimes those fake products can make it through ports of entry, onto store front shelves, and eventually shopping bags.

“Look at who you're purchasing it from, especially if it’s a website, and the quality and price of the product,” Good said.

If you're buying from a website, check the domain name and payment processing.

“How are they asking you to pay the product? Is it to a specific individual? That's not normal,” Jack Staton with Homeland Security Investigations, said.

Those fakes you fall for can turn out to be a public health concern.

“Counterfeit products do not meet the safety requirements as legitimate products and corporations that use them,” Staton said.

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