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Controversial Chick-fil-A bill passes

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It is now illegal in the state of Texas for local governments to ban or take "adverse action" against a business because of religious or moral ideology.

The bill is called the Chick-fil-A bill because it came into existence after the San Antonio City Council voted against having a Chick-fil-A in their airport because of the company’s legacy of anti-LGBT behavior.

“The ‘Save Chick-fil-A’ legislation that I’m about to sign is a victory for religious freedom in Texas,” Gov. Greg Abbott said.

Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke tweeted about the bill, saying in part, “Discrimination is an urgent issue in our state. Discrimination against Chick-fil-A is not.”

Executive Director of the Borderland Rainbow Center Brenda Risch raised questions about the bill.

“I think if they can regulate prostitution and sex shops and pornography and all these other things, alcohol, I mean, they can regulate alcohol. They can tell people that they can’t open a bar right next to a church or school, so they’re regulating those businesses based on morality,” Risch said.

“It’s not even been a well-thought-through process because it’s so specific. It’s so rabid and it’s so homophobic and it’s so transphobic and it’s so, like, shortsighted and myopic that they haven’t thought about what are the other ramifications.”

One El Pasoan I spoke with says she does not agree with the bill.

“Our community should be able to take a stand against those businesses,” Rachel Kallman said.

“I actually haven’t gone to Chick-fil-A in I think four or five years since I had heard about that.”

Another woman said it should be up to the consumer.

“It’s kind of up to us to decide if we want to shop there regardless of their beliefs,” Samantha Diwa said.

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Chick-fil-A has been criticized for being anti-LGBT for almost a decade after the late founder donated money to groups that oppose same-sex marriage.

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