Construction project near Fountains at Farah, Cielo Vista Mall will ease congestion

Traffic near Cielo Vista Mall in east El Paso (KFOX14/CBS4)

A major construction project promises to ease traffic in one of the busiest parts of town.

Eastside drivers can now plan ahead. The Texas Department of Transportation gave a better idea of when the Airway/Viscount ramp improvement project will begin.

The improvements will start on Viscount Boulevard and extend all the way down to Airway Boulevard.

Everything has been finalized and TXDOT said construction will begin on Jan. 2.

The Airway and Viscount ramp improvement project will transform the landscape and safety of the area surrounding the Fountains at Farah and Cielo Vista Mall.

"A lot of that scary high speed merging will be taken out of that situation," TxDOT spokesperson Jennifer Wright said.

That will be done by adding braided ramps to separate merging freeway traffic from drivers on the gateway.

Ramp improvements have already been made in recent years, but those happened before the Fountains at Farah took off.

A traffic study conducted in the past couple of years showed that what was originally anticipated to be peak holiday traffic conditions ended up being the norm for typical weekend traffic.

This is what prompted the latest improvements.

"The shopping area itself has turned out to be far more successful than originally anticipated," Wright said.

While you may see some prep work happening before construction starts in 2018, don't expect it to put a damper on your holiday shopping plans.

"[Crews will] do as much preparatory work as they can in advance, trying not to inconvenience holiday shoppers," Wright said.

The ramp improvements are part of the county's mobility project. It'll cost $14 million and is expected to be completed in 11 months.

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