Construction in west El Paso continues to cause headaches for businesses

    Construction project in west El Paso. (Credit: KFOX14)

    Some businesses told KFOX14 they're frustrated with the impact construction and traffic congestion in west El Paso is having on their bottom line. Some businesses owners said they also wish the Texas Department of Transportation would communicate with them directly about closures and detours.

    TxDOT said Tuesday there are no major closures scheduled in the near future for any of the construction projects going on in west El Paso. But it said drivers will continue to see sporadic lane closures, which TxDOT said it will give advance notice about.

    "Just a nightmare." -

    That's how Philip Pedgregon, the manager of Toro Burger on Sunland Park, describes the construction and traffic problems. He said the overnight closures are hurting his business the most.

    "Usually it's in the night time and since we are open 'til midnight every single day, that impacts us huge," he said.

    Pedregon also said he feels out of the loop when it comes to new closures and detours.

    "There's not a lot of information out there that we are given directly," he said. "The other manager here, we kind of keep in touch with each other, send each other a text, since I live on this side of town and he lives on Far East, he will usually text me to find out if any things going on on the freeway, as far as closures and stuff like that."

    Pedregon also said he watches the morning news to stay on top of traffic.

    That's one of the things TxDOT said is important. It said paying attention to the news and checking the websites for updates will help avoid confusion.

    "We put out press releases about closures," said Jennifer Wright, with TxDOT. "We have Facebook, Twitter and our websites that people can follow. It's the responsibility of the public to keep tuned in. You can't listen to satellite radio all the time and know what's going on in your local community.

    Wright said luckily there won't be any more major closures in the near future.

    "The closure of Paisano has been inconvenient because that has made the only other detour Mesa street, because that's the only other arterial ," she said. "We expect that we will have a connection from Doniphan to Paisano by early next year, so that will offer another alternate route."

    Pedregon said he supports the construction because the city is expanding, but he said he wishes TxDOT would communicate with businesses directly.

    "If TxDOT did maybe communicate a little better with us to let us know that there are going to be freeway closures and whatnot ahead of time," he said.

    TxDOT said all the projects are set to be completed on time, except for the Border West Expressway. Wright said because it's such a big project with a lot of different agencies, it has faced some delays.

    Wright said there hasn't been a new completion date announced yet, but KFOX14 will pass it on as soon as we get it.

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