Construction causes delays for parents picking up students at Holy Cross Catholic School

Construction causes delays for parents picking up students at Holy Cross Catholic School (Source: KFOX14)

Classes have begun for Catholic school in Las Cruces, but so has a construction project that’s causing some delays for parents.

Classes started yesterday for students here at Holy Cross Catholic School, but with construction going on right in front of the school, parents can expect to see some traffic for the next couple of months.

The principal at Holy Cross, Adrian Galaz, said construction will be going on to replace water and sewer lines before Miranda Road gets repaved.

“The primary focus is safety. I just want to make sure parents are dropping off their children in designated areas. We don’t want any children to be walking on the sidewalks or anywhere near the construction whatsoever. We want all people to be utilizing our drop-off points,” Galaz said.

Parents can no longer access Palmer and Ethel streets and parts of Miranda Road since they have been blocked off during construction.

Parents are going to have to go through Parker Street to get to North Miranda Road, where they can pick up their kids in the parking lot of the Holy Cross Church.

“The road really needed some improvements, so that’s good they’re doing that. Our principal's keeping us informed of closures, what’s open, and I do recommend that families at least give themselves five, ten minutes to get here,” parent Alexandria Kaczmarek said.

Today KFOX14 spoke with parents about the construction. They all agreed it needed to happen, but some questioned the timing.

“If we got together as a city with the school personnel, the neighborhood and kinda came together with a schedule to where it would be least intrusive to the neighborhood, to the school, to the parents,” parent Veronica Acosta-Everhart said.

“We need the infrastructure to address all the new development that’s going on in the area. I think it’s wonderful, you know it’s a little inconvenient for us because our kids go to the school, but it’s progress,” parent Douglas Crawford said.

Galaz said traffic near Holy Cross may get even more congested with Alameda Elementary starting school Monday.

He asks for parents to drive with caution when picking up and dropping off their kids.

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