City updates projected revenue from Southwest University Park

Southwest University Park in El Paso

El Paso city officials announced they're going to make more money off the ballpark in downtown El Paso than previously thought.

The new numbers were presented at a meeting on Monday.

This comes after reports the ballpark is losing money.

City officials said they always knew there was going to be some subsidizing early on but said the ballpark will eventually become profitable.

"Based on where we were four years ago, there was only about a million dollars projected at the end of the 30 years, and so looking at how the revenues are doing, and so looking at all the savings that we had from refinancing the debt, now we're going to have almost $18 millionthat can go back into taking care of the ballpark," said Robert Cortinas, interim director of municipal finance operations.

Cortinas said the ballpark is now projected to become profitable by the year 2022, which is two years ahead of the previous projection.

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