City scheduled to vote Monday on International Bridge's improvement plan

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    "The last time I was waiting in line for about 30 minutes,” Aldo Loera said.

    "Right now, I had to wait like 30 minutes," Luis Sandoval said.

    "Sometimes I'm at the bridge for two or three hours behind a semi," Juan Rios said.

    Waiting in line at El Paso’s ports of entry can be tedious.

    "I cross the bridge every day for school,” Jennifer Sanchez said. “I think during the next year it's going to be more difficult to cross."

    "You see that the semis are backed up for about a mile and there's a lot of heavy traffic through that area," Loera said.

    The city's department of international bridges is bringing forward a $33 million plan to improve the traffic on the bridges. Plans being considered would add more ready lanes, cargo lanes, and new technology to make moving through the ports fast.

    Some people tell us this is something they can support.

    "It'll make it less of a hassle from waiting in line. I've seen that, as a matter of fact, right now the line is backed up,” Loera said. “So I think it'll be a lot better."

    Others think the move will help the El Paso region.

    "It's going to be good for commerce. Less congestion will be better,” Armando Cervantes said.

    "Hopefully we get more people crossing over, less wait times and hopefully everything is going to be good for the U.S. and for Mexico,” Juan Rios said.

    The changes won't happen overnight. Adjustments to the bridges are scheduled out until 2023 if the plan is approved by the city council. However, they are changes for which people are willing to wait.

    "Right now it's congested and when they have it like it's going to be better,” Cervantes said. “I think the time will pay off."

    "We've waited this long,” Rios said.

    “If it's going to be that time frame, hopefully it is and it should be good to go."

    The city council is scheduled to meet Monday to vote on this plan.

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