City says contractor to blame for delay in Robinson Ave. construction project

Robinson Avenue construction (KFOX14/CBS4)

There is no completion date set for phase one of the Robinson Avenue reconstruction project. Construction started in August 2016, according to City Engineer Sam Rodriguez.

Eve Fitzpatrick lives in Kern Place.

“This is a mess,” Fitzpatrick said. “It is now 10-12 months behind schedule.”

Rodriguez said the city is having issues with the contractor, Saab Site Contractors.

“We’re working with the city attorney’s office to make sure that we evaluate our options moving forward,” he said.

KFOX14 asked how the city is keeping the contractor accountable.

Rodriguez said Saab Site Contractors is fined $1,137 every day the work is behind schedule.

As of now, Rodriguez could not give an estimated completion date.

“I don’t have one from the contractor . Everything he has been providing, he has not been meeting, and so it’s hard for me to tell you we’re going to be done by this date when I don’t have a reliable date,” he said.

Neighbors said they want more to be done.

“So at what point do they say he’s not going to get it done and replace him?” Fitzpatrick said.

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