City of El Paso wanting to make safety enhancements to Tom Lea Park

The City of El Paso hopes to use $9.3 million to make safety enhancements to Tom Lea Park.

The city of El Paso is trying to make a popular park safer, while making improvements to other parts of the city.

On Monday, the El Paso City Council instructed staff to find $76 million.

This money will be used to fund several projects in 2019 and 2020.

Some of that money has already been accounted for in the previous budget.

The city wants to use about $9.3 million to make improvements at Tom Lea Park.

"A lot of times, when it rains hard, the rock falls down on the road,” said Central El Paso resident Sam Patton.

Tom Lea Park is an iconic El Paso park, where folks like to take in the view.

"This is a place that everybody from all over the city comes and people bring their families,” said Patton. "People from all levels of the city come here and enjoy the view, enjoy the park."

But, with rain and erosion, the park has become somewhat of a safety issue.

In fact, the city is now wanting to fix the problems.

"We need to secure the park -- Tom Lea Park off of Rim Road, as far as, the stability of it and ensure we keep that park open, moving forward,” said Sam Rodriguez, engineer for the city of El Paso. "But more importantly, there's a safety component on the downhill stride off of Murchison, to make sure there's not debris falls off of that slope onto the public."

He said the erosion of the slopes has created a hazard for visitors and nearby properties.

The $9.3 million project is one some El Pasoans we spoke with said, they approve.

"I think that's very good, especially for the drivers,” said Central El Paso resident Margie Adame "It's for safety."

Patton said the price tag is worth the improvements.

"I think it'll be nice to fix the park for everybody to enjoy,” said Patton.

Rodriguez told KFOX14 that the city has put in a temporary fix to stop rocks from falling off of the slope.

But, he said the project will be a permanent solution.

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