City of El Paso plans incentive package for new businesses in Streetcar Project corridor

Streetcar project .jpg

The city of El Paso is getting ready for the Streetcar Project to be back in theBorderland.

Mayor Dee Margo said the project is also bringing something called a transit-oriented development zone, or TOD.

“The purpose of the TOD is to provide incentives for those businesses to expand or others come in purchase property and build a business there," Margo said.

The hope is that the incentive packages will make it easier for new buildings to pop up along the streetcar route, thus creating more foot traffic and riders.

Some businesses owners, including Anna Valenzuela, of Pret A Porter, and Michelle Savage, of Savage Goods, said this will help their profits too.

"In my business, I kind of really thrive and expect that foot traffic to come in and beincreased with the opening of the street and not having any construction," Valenzuela said.

“The streetcar corridor is a really interesting place to do business. There's going to be a lot of people running down and bringing a lot of people to the area,” Savage said. “So it's going to be something great to have something to help you."

Margo said the expansion the packages could bring along the project are immeasurable.

“Because it attracts more people, more people coming down, more consumers and more purchases,” Margo said. “I think there are positives all the way around; we just need to get it completed."

“It's hard to know what exactly is going to happen because we haven't seen it in action yet,” Savage said. “We're excited see it coming down the street and bringing new people.

This is essential for my business commerce going forward. I'm very animated about all of the new ideas that the trolley that's going to be passing through here."

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