City of El Paso plans for future road-repaving projects

El Paso road construction.

The City of El Paso is planning for the future. The staff has identified major needs the city should focus on and plan to complete.

"We're being proactive. A lot of our projects that we have on the books right now are going to be wrapping up in 2019, 2020,” Sam Rodriguez, City of El Paso engineer, said. “So being proactive as far as what the city needs as far as from a maintenance perspective but also hearing the requests that we heard from City Council."

Its wish list is going to come at a steep price, more than $761 million. More than $100 million of the money is going to fixing 25 major roads in El Paso. The plan has streets like Sunland Park and George Dieter as top priorities.

People from the Westside to the Eastside say it would be money well spent.

"I think it's going to minimize the traffic, especially here on the Westside,” Mariel Melchor said.

"That's a plus! In other words, things will be running smoother, I would think,” Arturo Rodriguez said.

"I think it'll benefit the city as in creating traffic flow and less cars breaking down,” Omar Vega said.

The city chose these 25 streets due to all of the traffic they get and proximity to the highway.

"The top 25 (streets), we've been hearing from council that's what they wanted,” Sam Rodriguez said. “They wanted resurfacing from a pavement condition so we started it as what we wanted to pursue as far as resurfacing and incorporating the landscaping and the lighting for safety as well."

City staff says the roads and other projects will be budgeted until 2028. Some people say they think the repaving process could put a hitch in how they get around El Paso.

"It's going to be pretty hectic and a lot of traffic,” Michael Padilla said.

"It makes me feel like they’re going to take a while,” Melchor said.

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