City of El Paso monitors recycling with new stickers

The "Thank You" sticker you might see on the side of your recycling bin.

The City of El Paso is monitoring areas of town to make sure residents are recycling properly.

In random checks, if people place wrong items in their recycling bin, it will be marked with a sticker that has a warning.

Code officers will then come back and check if the resident corrected the problem. If the resident did, the sticker is covered with a green “Thank You” sticker.

They hope this encourages people to recycle correctly.

According to the Recycle Right El Paso site, they accept a variety of paper, plastic, cardboard and aluminum/tin. However, there is a list of things they do not collect including, but not limited to, aerosol cans, appliances and electronics, batteries, diapers and glass.

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