City of El Paso approves staff to find funding for future critical projects

The city says it graded various roads to see which ones wereconsidered critical. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

The city of El Paso says it’s looking to find some $76 million for projects in 2019 and 2020.

Some of them have been accounted for in the previous budget but, it may take some work to find the $34 million for five major road reconstructions.

The roads are: Hawkins, Schuster, Brian Ray, Railroad and Ted Houghton.

Some drivers who use Schuster say the road needs the work.

"It's pretty bumpy,” Kyle Jones said. "It's pretty rough. It looks like it hasn't had a lot of work done on it."

"It's got holes and bumps,” Oscar Garcia said.

"It's been bad,” Caesar Valenzuela said.

The city says it graded various roads to see which ones were considered critical.

"We presented a list of critical projects that we felt we needed to come before council for their approval,” Sam Rodriguez, a city of El Paso engineer, said. “The included five street projects that were left over and unfunded from the 2012 Street CIP program."

City staff will look into use existing funds from different projects and new revenue sources to get money needed for these future projects. But the overall goal is to ensure El Pasoans taxes don’t increase due to certificates of obligation, or debt, issued to the city.

"The action does not necessarily mean that taxes are going to increase,” Rodriguez said. “You know when you come back to council for the approval to the COs at the time that's when it would be calculated into the tax rate."

The city engineer says we could see crew out on the streets in 2019.

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