City of El Paso and police give tips on summer home protection

City and police give tips on summer home safety. (Credit: MGN)

The El Paso Police Department and the city of El Paso are giving tips to citizens in keeping their property and home safe.

Below are the tips:

-Always lock your door and windows.

-If your home has a security system, use it.

-Use interior and exterior lightning after dark.

-Trim trees and hedges so they don't block windows/doors or provide access to the roof or second story.

-Never leave garage doors open when unattended.

-Never allow strangers to enter your home.

-Never leave car keys out on counter tops or hanging where they are easily accessible.

-Clear all clutter and handbills from in front of your home and porch area.

-When on vacation, secure all doors and windows. Provide a trusted neighbor with your travel plans. Use the EPPD web site to create a "watch" on your home.

-Join your Neighborhood Watch Program and if you don't have one, consider starting one.

-Always call police when you see something suspicious in your neighborhood.

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