City leaders in Las Cruces discuss making improvements to soccer facilities

City leaders in Las Cruces discuss making improvements to soccer facilities (Source: KFOX14)

City council members in Las Cruces are talking about how they can better manage soccer fields around the city.

City council leaders talked about about upgrading and maintaining its soccer facilities in Las Cruces on Monday, and people KFOX14 spoke with said upgrades are badly needed.

In July the vice president for the Las Cruces Youth Soccer League and a dozen soccer players presented city council with 1,000 signatures urging them to upgrade soccer fields in the city.

Soccer officials with the youth and soccer league of Las Cruces said many of the fields are poorly maintained, making them dangerous for players.

“The facilities that we play soccer around the city are, there’s no other way to say it, they’re really deficient, outdated poorly maintained,” said Steve Hanson vice president of Las Cruces youth soccer league.

Hanson said fields at the Prevencio/Van Dame Soccer complex on Solano doesn’t have bleachers, water fountains, permanent restrooms and shade.

He adds that the High Noon Soccer complex, owned by the school district but maintained by the city, lacks the same basic features.

“Bringing modern amenities like restrooms, drinking water, lights so we can play evening games, seating for the spectators, maybe even shaded seating, all of those things would be fantastic,” Hanson said.

This year $16.9 million is on the ballot for the city’s GO-Bond election to improve sports facilities.

“The youth soccer is the largest youth sports league in the city and it’s very unfortunate that we’ve got facilities that are so far behind some of those enjoyed by other sports,” Hanson said.

Although detailed improvements for the sports facilities haven’t been announced, city leaders said improving the soccer facilities is a priority.

“I’m hopeful that they’ll take some stake holder input from one of the largest sports community in the city and that a good chuck of that $16.9 million could address the athletic facilities that are in the worst shape and have biggest need for improvement in city,” Hanson said.

The director for parks and recreation for the city of Las Cruces said the city is already moving forward with plans to install lights and a water fountain for the Provencio Van Dame soccer complex.

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