City provides options on how to deal with broken parking meters

Parking meters in downtown El Paso.

If you’ve been to downtown El Paso, then you’ll know that paying for parking is nothing new.

"I know that free parking is really hard, but the (city) should try to make the public spaces available," local resident Alejandra Guerrero said.

The city of El Paso has parking meters everywhere, but sometimes they don’t work, forcing drivers to find other parking spots.

“The public parking (is) too expensive, like, if you’re going to spend an hour, it’s too expensive to pay $6 an hour,” Guerrero said.

The city has suggested several option for drivers who encounter broken meter:

Dial 311 and an official will come fix it

Pay online through the city’s app if you’re not able to through the meter

Find another parking spot.

People interviewed say while these options are helpful, it still doesn’t seem like it's enough to fix the issue.

"It doesn't work because a lot of these people don't know what an app is, or they don't understand ... how all this works,” downtown driver Victoria Olivas said.

The city said if a driver pays through the app and still get a ticket, save the receipt and present it to an officer. They will take care of it

"I’m willing to pay online but I hope the police is aware of it because I mean you pay online but then you get a ticket, they may not know if you did it or not," said Guerrero.

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