Cissy Lizarraga wins the seat for El Paso city representative in district 8

Cissy Lizarraga wins the seat for El Paso city representative in district 8.

It was down to less than 400 votes, but now parts of West and Downtown El Paso now have a new city representative.

Political new comer, Cissy Lizarraga defeated Robert Cormell in yesterday's district 8 runoff election.

In the final tally Cissy had 1,833 votes and Cormell had 1,477 votes.

Lizarraga will replace former city representative Courtney Niland who resigned earlier this year.

The retired educator has never held a political office but says she’s eager to make a difference on El Paso City council.

At her victory party in West El Paso Saturday night Lizarraga said she’s eager to start building her team to represent district eight.

“We just continued to block walk, phone bank people, we were out there just always talking to the voters and we worked really hard,” Lizarraga said.

Surrounded by friends and loved ones, Lizarraga celebrated a hard-fought campaign against Cornell who had come close to winning the June 10th special election.

Lizarraga thanked the community for supporting her during the runoff.

“I want to thank all the voters in district 8 that came out to vote for me. I’m just so grateful and most especially, I’m grateful to my team,” Lizarraga said.

District 8 represents portions of the west side, south El Paso, the upper valley and downtown -- specifically the Union Plaza Neighborhood where the city plans to build a multi-purpose arena.

When it comes to the arena Lizarraga didn’t make specific promises:

“Right now it’s in litigation so I’m gonna wait and see what happened on July 18th,” Lizarraga said.

Today we spoke to a few El Pasoans who tell us which improvements they’d like to see.

“Rebuilding, reconstruction, remodeling this whole historical area,” Rosario Espanosa said.

"We got to look at bringing housing, bringing shopping, food, not just restaurants but grocery stores,” Scott White said.

Lizarraga will finish Niland’s term, which runs through January 2019.

So far, the city hasn’t said when she will be sworn into city council.

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