Childhood friend remembers Texas Tech shooting victim

Floyd East Jr. (Photo Credit: Mario Suzuki Navarro)

The man suspected of shooting and killing a Texas Tech police officer did not use the department’s gun, according to a spokesperson with the university.

Hollis Daniels is accused of killing Officer Floyd East Jr.

It’s not clear if authorities believe that Daniels used his own weapon.

Daniels is now in jail facing charges of capital murder.

His bond is set at $5 million.

We’re now learning more about the victim of the shooting.

There’s been an outpouring of support for Officer East’s family, including his Texas Tech family.

One of his childhood friends, Lincoln Belt, told KFOX14 the police officer will be greatly missed.

"He didn't realize what a resource was sitting in front of him, when he pulled the trigger,” he said.

A senseless and tragic moment caused one person to lose their life.

"It's your worst fear that something is happening to the person that you love,” he said.

Officer East was a husband, a father, a friend and a brother.

"He was there for all of the important memories,” said Belt. "We met the day before my 17th birthday. He literally became one of my mom's better sons. You know, there's me and my two younger brothers and Floyd has always been a component of our family."

He said they quickly formed a friendship and a bond that would last a lifetime.

"He was the best man in my wedding, I was the best man in his,” said Belt. "Always just had a very positive spirit, good person."

A single moment came crashing down when the news of a campus shooting at Texas Tech broke.

"The kid that pulled the trigger, he would've been better off opening up to Floyd, because Floyd would've been the guy who would've given that kid the advice that he needed,” said Belt.

Now he said he is treasuring the memories he has of his best friend.

"I couldn't have asked to have a better friend in my life,” he said. "A large part of who I am today is because of having him as a friend."

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