Shopping Centers taking over El Paso are here to stay

Customs and Border Protection

U.S. Customs and Border Protection is trying to put more boots on the ground. It’s facing a shortage of agents and officers as the White House sets new goals for the federal agency.

“I've always admired what they do,” Joshua Brown said.

For some it's a dream to join CBP.

“I'm all about helping, so I like to help out, so this is the job,” Dominique Marquez said.

At a hiring event Thursday, Officer Adriana Carranza said they have one goal in mind.

“For right now, we're looking at hiring a minimum of 2,000 agents and officers for the agency,” Carranza said.

The agency is supposed to have roughly 21,000 agents and officers but it's falling short. The El Paso Sector is taking an active approach to fill the shortage and reach a new goal of 5,000 additional agents set by President Trump.

“We have full-time recruiting staff here in El Paso for Border Patrol agents and Customs and Border Protection officers,” Carranza said. “We also have an office on Fort Bliss to target our military members.”

They reach out locally to find some of the best candidates.

“Somebody familiar with the Southwest border, is familiar with the type of environment, the community and they can see the positions readily affecting the community,” Carranza said.

Those attending the recruitment event said they're ready to step up.

“We live in the border, we're used to crossing each day and I think security is important not just for the United States, but Mexico and everyone.

You can visit the CBP website for more information on the agency.

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