Canadian company invest $8million to bring more jobs to El Paso

Borderplex Alliance is helping a Canadian company expand its business from Juarez into El Paso.

"They manufacture preassembled furniture products in Ciuadad, Juarez, and they are now moving to El Paso and doing their e-commerce platform and some of their distribution and other administration," said Barela, CEO of Borderplex Alliance.

Barela says this is one of many companies that are expanding into El Paso.

South Shore is going to build their new warehouse on Don Haskins street in east El Paso at a cost of around $8 million.

“Twenty full time jobs with above-average county median wage will be created as well along with dozens construction jobs," Barela said.

The city approved a $376,725 tax break for the new company and the county approved a $160,651 break.

While these tax breaks will be applied over time, the company said they promise to offer higher wages and affordable health care.

“They are a perfect example of how the North American Free trade agreement works -- NAFTA,” said Barela.

Matthew Montalvo, who works near the location where the warehouse will be built, says he welcomes it.

“It's a good opportunity for other people in El Paso if they are trying to get a job," Montalvo said.

South shore will still keep their manufacturing plant in Juarez but they will move their warehouse to El Paso.

South Shore says they expect to start on their new warehouse this week, and throughout the years they plan to double, if not triple the amount of people working at the new location.

Barela says this is only the beginning, and more companies like South Shore will bring more jobs to the borderland in the future.

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