Bubbles become educational for students at Nixon Elementary

Bubble Day at Nixon Elementary

It’s not every day that kids get to play with bubbles while at school. But this time, not only was it fun, but also educational for students at Nixon Elementary School.

Kindergartners learned about water and the water cycle before getting their hands wet and incorporating what they learned while making bubbles in different ways.

“We connect that with learning that water is cohesive, we learn that if we give water skin, what does it look like? It looks like a bubble. Air pressure pushes all around so it makes a sphere, so we’re also involving some math in there,” teacher Donna Pino-Lopez said.

Lopez implemented the bubble experience after working with another teacher. It’s part of an interactive learning curriculum that involves STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

“We’ve been doing this over 10 years because, active learning and STEM makes a connection in their brain. All kids learn by hands on and they create that picture in their head, they’ll carry that knowledge with them forever,” Pino-Lopez said.

About 85 to 95 students toured the different bubble stations at the school’s gym which were manned by parents, teachers and volunteers.

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