Borderland schools utilize social media

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Borderland students are getting together their supplies for the school year, but this year, social media might be as necessary as a backpack.

Schools from far east El Paso to Las Cruces are hoping to use the platforms as a tool for success.

Charles Garcia, the principal of Bel Air High School says that, “using social media is a necessity in this day and age.”

Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms are becoming a tool for educators.

Garcia says that the biggest use is to show the El Paso community the culture of a school, creating transparency that acts as a window into the classroom.

“Ultimately,” Garcia says, “giving an avenue to communicate on a broader scope of what’s going on in our campuses.”

Other districts are doing the same.

El Paso ISD says that its teachers are using social media to communicate with parents.

Las Cruces Public Schools says that their teachers use Twitter to share lessons and strategies through the country.

Even elementary schools like Del Norte Heights are getting in on the action.

Claudia Poblano, the principal of that elementary school, says “Technology is evolving every day and as teachers and as educators and parents, we have to evolve with it so that our students become familiar with it and we move forward and build 21st-century learners”

Some schools even market and build programs on social media, creating excitement in the 21st-century learners.

It's excitement that Garcia says goes a long way.

“We got to get excited about education,” he says, “And one way to get excited about education is to promote it.

Spreading their wings past promotion, Bel Air says they’re trying something new this year; They’re attempting to bring current lessons home with a student, on their cellphone, through social media.

Garcia says teachers will post “tips on some of the questions that might arise on the next day of class so that kids can see it and learn from it.”

By using the technology to their advantage, Borderland schools anticipate success in the school year.

Garcia says, “We got to embrace it and we’re going to do it in the most responsible way that we can, but we’re going to do it with a lot of energy and a lot of corazón and we’re ready to take on a new school year.”

All of the districts say they use social media responsibly and ask their teachers to use common sense on the platforms.

They say when used for the right reasons, social media can truly be an ally to education.

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