Borderland expecting first freeze of the season


Crews for the Texas Department of Transportation have been laying salt mixture on the roads to keep them from icing when the season’s first freeze comes.

Crews began de-icing Loop 375 Tuesday morning, said Jennifer wright, spokeswoman for TxDOT El Paso.

The tankers on the vehicles hold 4,000 gallons of a mixture called brine.

Brine is a strong salt water mixture.

It’ll help keep ice off the roads but can rust your car if it gets on it.

Wright encourages motorists to give de-icing trucks plenty of room on the roadway.

"If you see a TxDOT truck salting the roads and putting the brine out, keep a safe distance behind it because if you get that brine on your undercarriage, it's best if you wash your car as soon as possible,” said Wright.

The good thing about the brine mixture is that it's meant to last.

If the weather shifts and the Borderland doesn’t freeze, the brine will stay on the roadways until the next heavy rain, said Wright.

Temperatures continue to drop significantly meteorologist Zach Covey explains how to prepare for the freezing weather. And Traffic anchor Kandolite Flores hast the latest on what road projects are cancelled for this evening and tomorrow (Wednesday).

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