Border Patrol apprehends two large groups of immigrants near ports of entry

    Border Patrol apprehends two large groups of immigrants at ports of entry<p>{/p}

    Two large groups of immigrants showed up near ports of entry in El Paso on Friday.

    One group had as many as 150 people.

    U.S. Border Patrol told KFOX14 that kind of activity within the city limits is uncommon.

    While many made their commute back to Mexico over the Ysleta port of entry off of Zaragoza, a group of undocumented immigrants sat waiting underneath the bridge.

    “Many of those people have been taken into custody, and many of those people have been transported to Ysleta Station for processing,” said Agent Joe Romero, with the U.S. Border Patrol.

    Romero said since the immigrants presented themselves outside of a port of entry, they are now subject to arrest.

    Border Patrol said the group was so large, transporting them for processing took most of the afternoon.

    “Once we’re determined that we can secure the neighboring and surrounding areas and safely and efficiently transport everybody to the station, we’ll do that,” said Romero.

    Those who frequent the bridge said they’ve been seeing more immigrants lately attempting to cross in the area.

    “I’ve been noticing that people have been sleeping at the bridge because they want to cross from Mexico to have, like, the American dream, but I think it’s a little bit impossible for them,” said Alexa Sanchez.

    “Lately, it’s been really common. A lot of immigrants have been showing up. Some try to cross through the river, that’s how most get through,” said Christopher Dominguez.

    Last month, nearly 1500 immigrants were apprehended by Border Patrol within the El Paso Sector.

    “They did it during the day, in an urban environment, which typically tends to happen in the more rural environments,” said Romero.

    U.S. Border Patrol was also dealing with another group of about 60 immigrants who presented themselves off of Boone Street near the Bridge of the Americas.

    It is unclear whether they’re part of the migrant caravan from Central America.

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