Border Patrol agent stops armed robbery at Las Cruces convenience store, documents say

Alyssa Jaime Chavez and Andrew Joseph Chavez.

An armed robbery attempt was stopped short after a U.S. Border Patrol agent walked in to see a woman pointing at gun at the store clerk, according to court documents.

The incident happened Sunday at the Pic Quik located at 3916 W. Picacho Avenue.

According to court documents, Alyssa Jaime Chavez, 18, attempted to rob the store at gunpoint.

At one point, Chavez had the gun pointed at the store clerk and told him she was going to “blow his brains out” and to hurry and empty the cash register, according to court documents.

As the clerk was about the hand the money over, a uniformed Border Patrol agent who was heading to work walked into the convenience store, according to court documents.

The agent drew his service weapon and gave Chavez commands to drop the weapon, the documents said.

Chavez placed the weapon on the counter, got on the ground and she was handcuffed, the documents said.

Chavez then got up, tried to run away but ran into the glass door, the documents said.

The agent put Chavez back on the ground and saw a knife fall from her waist, the documents said.

The clerk told the agent that the woman was accompanied by a man, later identified as Andrew Chavez.

While the agent was waiting for deputies to arrive, Andrew Chavez walked into the store, and the agent drew his gun and commanded him to get on the ground with his hands behind his back, the documents said.

The clerk said Andrew Chavez tried to buy candy earlier when Alyssa Chavez came in to rob the store, the documents said.

Andrew Chavez later told authorities he was scoping the place out for Alyssa Chavez.

According to court documents, Alyssa Chavez said Andrew agreed to accompany her, but he said he was forced to do everything.

Alyssa Chavez later told authorities she decided to rob the store on impulse and because she was on new medication, the documents said.

Both were arrested on a charge of armed robbery, and they were booked into the county jail without bond, according to online court records.

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