Blood analysis report breaks down how much alcohol Lorenzo Anchondo, victim had

    Lorenzo Anchondo

    The second day of trial for Lorenzo Anchondo focused on the suspect's alcohol level and his vehicle's recall.

    Anchondo is accused of intoxication manslaughter. Anchondo is accused of driving while intoxicated and running into a stop sign in the Cincinnati Entertainment District area. El Paso police said the damaged sign fell on 33-year-old Xiaoyan Shi and instantly killed her on Mardi Gras in 2017.

    Tuesday prosecutors and defense lawyers called up witnesses to the stand.

    El Paso County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Mario Rascon who performed an autopsy Shi said she had several fractures on her face and skull, saying, “(In) my opinion it was instantly fatal.”

    Prosecutor Chanel Rizik presented a couple photos of Shi that were taken after the accident where you could see wounds and gashes on her head.

    Midland DPS lab manager Silva Gomez also went on the stand about her work with the blood sample.

    The blood analysis report showed Shi with a .06 BAC and Anchondo with a .170 BAC.

    The defense attorneys focused on recall that was issued for Anchondo's vehicle. The recall was issued for the Chevrolet Avalanche in 2005 for 20 states which did not include New Mexico where the vehicle was registered.

    Closing arguments are expected to start Wednesday morning.

    KFOX14 will be in the courtroom following the trial.

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