How to tell the difference between heat stroke and other serious conditions

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The heat may have you feeling a certain type of way and it may be causing some confusion when you feel sick.

“Some people come in here thinking that they may be having a stroke, they might be having a heart attack, and then you might look at the medications that they might be under and, of course, the fact that they are just not drinking enough water, that can confuse the patient,” said Dr. Andres Enriquez.

Dr. Enriquez says he does advise that you go to the doctor if you do feel like you are sick, just as a precaution.

“I had actually gotten really dehydrated and one of my arms started going numb so since then I have really been on top of drinking a lot of water, making sure my body stays cool,” said Fabian Escajeda, a resident of West El Paso.

“I tell my patients all the time caffeine can dehydrate you, cokes can dehydrate you. There have been times when people say,‘Well, I have been staying hydrated. I drink lots of tea.’ Well, tea has caffeine in it. Caffeine makes you urinate, makes you lose water, you’ll dehydrate even faster,” said Dr. Enriquez.

He also says that your symptoms may pop up three hours after you have been indoors so that can often add to the confusion.

The best medicine he says is to stay hydrated with just plain water.

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