Barfly owner claims surveillance video captures moments during deadly shooting

Barfly owner claims surveillance video captures moments during deadly shooting

The owner of Barfly says surveillance video shows that there were no fights at the establishment before a deadly shooting erupted in the parking lot.

Barfly owner Isabel Salcido spoke to KFOX14 about Sunday’s shooting.

El Paso police said 19-year-old Moises Galvan shot and killed 22-year-old Rogelio “Rj” Franco.

David Ortega, who was with Franco, was shot in the chest and injured when Galvan fired a handgun.

According to police, the three men allegedly got into an argument inside the bar and continued the altercation in the parking lot.

Galvan was arrested after a foot chase, police said.

Salcido gave KFOX14 surveillance video that she says captures what really happened that night.

Salcido said the video shows one of her employees checking Galvan’s ID, and then he walks into the bar. Moments later, the video shows someone who Salcido said is Galvan and a group of other people walk out of the bar, into the parking lot.

“There was never a fight inside the bar. There was footage of nobody being escorted out. There was no fight in the parking lot. They basically walked out and it was already something premeditated from that gentleman,” Salcido said.

Because Galvan is 19, the bar could face sanctions from the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission for allowing him to enter the bar.

Salcido claims that Galvan had a fake identification.

She said she hires professionals to try and make sure this doesn’t happen. “I actually hire constable and sheriffs and I properly train the host how to identify any IDs. If they have any questions, they can show the sheriff and they are properly trained.”

The shooting, which forced police to lock down the bar for hours, prompted an investigation by the TABC.

"If we show that they were grossly negligent, allowing a situation to escalate into a violent confrontation and did nothing to prevent it or could've prevented it, that's a pretty serious violation. That could be 25, 30 or 35 days’ suspension of the permit," said TABC supervisor Major Mark Menn.

If found guilty, Barfly could face an 8-day suspension with a $2,400 fine.

Records show Barfly has previous violations on the TABC’s website and according to their records, this wouldn't be the bar's first filed complaint.

In May 2015, the bar had a complaint for aggravated breach of the peace, which is a violent confrontation.

In July 2015, it violated regulations by selling alcohol to a minor.

"I commend the sheriffs and constables on duty responsible for catching the shooter. Barfly will be closed until further notice to evaluate all policies and procedures," said Salcido.

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