Why chiropractors say sitting on your wallet can cause back problems

Some chiropractors say sitting on your wallet can cause back problems.

More often than not, I triple check my pockets when I leave a room.

Phones in the front. Same with my keys and my wallet in my back pocket.

Most people do the same thing.

"I've had it in my back pocket forever since iI was little!" Joe Corral said.

"As long as I’ve had plastic or an ID or cash to put in my wallet,” Marco Martinez said.

“Ever since I’ve been carrying wallets at a young age so it's been awhile," Jorge Contreras said.

Just because you're used to it doesn't mean it's good for you.

"That the pelvis is the foundation for everything. So when that lower back is offset because of a potential wallet then that creates that problem,” Dr. Oliver R. Smith, Jr. , a local chiropractor, said. “That creates issueissues that will resonate all the way up through that entire spine."

Pain from sitting on your wallet won't just be felt in your back.

"It extends into the lower leg as well,” Smith said.

Your spine could be begin to curve if there's too much pressure on the sciatic nerve.

There are many causes of sciatic nerve pain.

But Smith says if you sit on your wallet

"(You’re) probably 50 percent more likely to have a problem or aggravate the problem," Smith said.

“The wallet will - depending on the thickness of wallet - will actually cause the pelvis to distort to shift to one side or the other,”

It also matters how much stuff you have in your wallet.

“Even something about half of the thickness that you are seeing right here can create the problem we were talking about,” Smith said.

Smith's advice; break the habit.

“I have smaller wallet,” Corral said. “It's been easier to sit on that's for sure."

"Also I think people should be carrying a lot less in their wallets."

"I don't have any money so I don't have any back pain (laughs)!"

Smith tells me men aren't the only ones who deal with sciatic nerve pressure from an accessory. Purses can cause the same problem; by having too heavy of a bag on one side of your body or the other.

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