As Topgolf opens, neighbors raise concerns over residential traffic

Topgolf opened in west El Paso on Feb. 2, 2018. Credit: KFOX14 / CBS4

Today is the day for El Paosans to grab their clubs and head to Topgolf, but some neighbors say they are a little worried about the grand opening.

Many golf enthusiasts and newbies have been waiting for Topgolf to open, but traffic has become a growing concern for some.

Topgolf was given $5 million in incentives to open an outlet in the Sun City, but it’s tucked away behind a pretty packed residential area on Suncrest Drive, which is off of Mesa Hills Drive.

There are a handful of subdivisions and apartment complexes customers will have to drive through in order to reach Topgolf.

Some neighbors said they’re concerned with all of the added traffic coming through their neighborhood.

“Just speeding up real fast. Yeah, it’s going to be trouble especially because of all the kids around here at the day care,” said Marco Tiserno.

“They should definitely consider ... adding maybe (a) stop sign there at that intersection, because there’s a lot of kids that get dropped off there from school buses and what not,” said Eli Moreales of west El Paso.

The director of operations for Topgolf said there is a brand new road to get to the facility.

The new stretch of road is called Vin La Roda, and it begins where Montecillo ends off of Mesa Street.

It isn’t on Google Maps yet, but from Mesa Street, head south on Montecillo until you reach Vin La Roda. That road will head straight to Topgolf.

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