Arrest affidavit reveals breath-alcohol test results for El Paso PD officer in DWI case

    Mug shot of Thomas Sneed

    An El Paso police officer suspected of driving while intoxicated was out drinking after he had gotten off work, according to his arrest report.

    On Saturday, Thomas Sneed drove a pickup truck with another police officer, who was also off-duty. The report state both were drinking at Dewey’s Corner Pub and Duet’s Karaoke Bar and Grill.

    The crash happened in central El Paso. The report stated Sneed told police officers that after being at bars in the Five Points area Sneed and Andrea Zendejas stopped at a taco truck.

    Following their stop, they were traveling in the pickup truck, and at some point Sneed’s phone rang. Sneed told police he looked down at it, and when looked back up, he saw a car.

    The police reports stated his pickup truck rear-ended a parked car with two men inside. Zendejas was injured when her head hit the windshield, it stated.

    Sneed told police he got out of the truck to check on the men inside the car. When he returned to the truck, he saw Zendejas’ face was covered with blood. The report said Zendejas panicked and Sneed tried calming her down.

    Zendejas was taken to a hospital for minor injuries, according to police.

    The two men in the car were not injured, said police.

    The first responding police officers that arrived at the intersection of North Piedras and Savannah Avenue handled the crash report.

    According to the document, those police officers said Sneed had bloodshot and watery eyes, slurred speech and swayed balance, and was chewing gum.

    It stated, Sneed told them he was at Duets and had drank two beers and two tequila shots there.

    A third police officer who is a sergeant and a certified intoxilyzer operator arrived at the scene at 2:32 a.m. That sergeant said Sneed had red and watery eyes and smelled of alcohol. Sneed told the police sergeant he had worked until 9 p.m. After work, Zendejas had invited him to Dewey’s.

    Both off-duty police officers met at Dewey’s, according to Sneed. He told the police sergeant he had three shots.

    The sergeant at the scene conducted a blood-alcohol breath sample test on Sneed at 4:37 a.m. Results showed it was conducted twice; 0.075 and 0.074. He was then placed under arrest.

    The breath -alcohol test results were under the 0.08 breath-alcohol concentration legal limit in Texas.

    Sneed was booked into the El Paso County Jail on a DWI charge and later released on a $1,000 bond, according to jail records.

    He was placed on administrative leave following the incident, said police.

    Sneed and Zendejas had been featured in "Live PD." A reality shows on A&E that features various police departments throughout the U.S., including El Paso.

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