New public safety department for schools in Las Cruces to incorporate armed security

Las Cruces Public Schools

Schools in Las Cruces are beefing up their security.

Some security guards will now be armed to insure safety for students in case of an emergency.

The district has created a new public safety department that has 30 security guards working in the schools.

These new safety protocalsprotocols come after recent lockdown situations.

Onate highscholHigh School went on lockdown the first week of school, after a man walked into the school carrying a bbBB gun and posing as a student.

Conlee Elementary also went on lockdown last month after another man made threats on social media to open gunfire on the school.

But bot all security guards in the district will be allowed to carry a gun.

Only school resource officers will be armed because they are officers with the Las Cruces Police Department.

"A weapon would be the last resort we would ever want used in the school building. weWe would really only want those weapon used if there were an active shooter type situation in a school building, where we can neutralize someone immediately,” Ewing said.

The director of public safety, andas well as contracted security guards who are present at football games will also be allowed to carry a weapon.

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