Animal Services sees highest live-release rate every during November

El Paso Animal Services hit an 80 percent live-release rate in November, according to a spokesman.

El Paso Animal Services hit the highest live-release rate in history during the month of November, according to a spokesman.

"For the first time ever, our monthly average live-release rate was 80 percent," Ramon Herrera, lead public affairs coordinator for El Paso Animal Services, said. If we continue to focus on the mission, we're going to see some progression."

Animal Services aims to become a no-kill shelter by hitting a live-release rate of 90 percent by the end of the fiscal year 2020. Herrera said he's confident the shelter can hit that mark if the community stays involved.

"That last 10 percent is going to be very much dependent on the community, " he said. "If you were to go back three years ago here in El Paso, you had some monthly averages where the live-release rate was only going to be like 20 to 25 percent."

Herrera said the foster program and large adoption events were big factors in November. Even with the big events, Herrera said the majority of those animals weren't brought back to the shelter.

"Even with those mass-adoption events, we're realizing folks want to provide a home to a shelter pet because the return rate is in line with the national average. It's about 7 to 8 percent, sometimes 9 (percent)," Herrera said.

El Pasoans told CBS4 they think the shelter's going in the right direction.

"It helps that we have these families that want to adopt," Margie Rivas said. "They have a chance, an opportunity, to find their forever dog."

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