Animal control officer hit by stray bullet after police shoot, kill aggressive dog

Photo courtesy of Jezzica Rezza.

Two El Paso police officers shot and killed a pit bull early Thursday morning after it attacked them, and an animal control officer was hit by a ricocheted bullet, police said.

The incident happened around midnight at 1145 Tio Dink near Escobar Drive and Zaragoza Road in the Lower Valley.

Animal control officers responded to a call of an aggressive dog in the area, and while they were trying to catch the dog, it attacked the four animal control officers, police said.

The officers were able to get out of the way, but the dog then charged and attacked two El Paso police officers who were called to assist, police said.

The police officers fired at the dog and killed it, police said. However, one of the bullets ricocheted off the cement and hit an animal control officer in the ankle, police said.

The officer was taken to Del Sol Medical Center for treatment, police said.

Police believe the dog may have been unattended at the residence.

The police department’s internal affairs and shooting review team are investigating the incident.

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