Americas High School attendance drops after online threats

Americas High School saw a nearly 50 percent drop in attendance Monday after online threats were posted over the weekend.

Several students at Americas High School skipped class Monday. Threats circulated online over the weekend, mentioning a school shooting expected to take place today.

Socorro Independent School District reported an attendance rate of only 53.8 percent for Americas High School on Monday.

Districtwide attendance was at 89.38 percent. Attendance last week across the district was at 95.03 percent.

The school district said it always investigates threats made to school campuses. Today, it had extra police presence at Americas High School as a precaution.

KFOX14 spoke with students who went to school today. They said it was just like another day despite the threats.

"It was good. It was normal. It was just really quiet and really empty," Stephanie Ramirez, a junior at Americas, said. "There was a lot of security so everybody felt safe. It was just a normal day, really."

"When I came to school in the morning I saw the police going around, and I was watching. But it was a normal day. There was people that were absent because they thought it was true," Kimberly Mendoza, a freshman, said.

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