Alleged burglar spotted moments after stealing from far east El Paso home

Mug shot of 54-year-old Brian Wright. (Credit: El Paso Police Department)

An accused burglar was photographed leaving the scene of a recent home burglary by the homeowner, El Paso police said.

The home at 4936 Marcella Santillana in far east El Paso was robbed on April 16 in broad daylight, police said.

The homeowner told police when they arrived they noticed a man was walking down the driveway away from the home.

When the homeowner went inside, they noticed things out of place and items missing.

Before the accused thief could get away, the victim was able to photograph him and his truck as he drove away.

Police identified the suspect as 54-year-old Brian Wright.

Wright was arrested Wednesday and booked on the outstanding warrant with a bail of $40,000. Wright was also booked on outstanding criminal warrants for possession of a controlled substance with a bail of $2,000 and a warrant for DWI 2nd offense with no bail.

The stolen property was returned to the victim.

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