Ahead of President Trump's visit, El Paso Mayor Dee Margo speaks up

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo

A portion of El Paso Mayor Dee Margo’s interview is transcribed below. For the full interview, please watch the video above.

Q: El Paso’s been put on the spotlight. I kind of asked you this yesterday, but it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Is that a good thing even though the narrative has been kind of bad about El Paso?

A: Well to the extent that we can clarify that narrative, remind people who we are, and what we’re about, and the assets we have as a community then yes, it’s a real opportunity. I mean I’ve got, I talk about this 15 seconds of fame and a window of opportunity for me to talk nationally about El Paso because of the remarks that have been made by the president or this whole migration process and immigration process. I think it is critical to have the president down here. I’ve said for months, if you want to talk about immigration, if you want to understand the border, then you need to come to El Paso. It’s not going to be determined in Washington D.C. and I’ve talked about the lack of intestinal fortitude on both sides of the aisle to do something about that.

The fact that the president has been reiterating misstatements that were made by our (Texas) Attorney General (Ken Paxton) that I guess, in a normal position like his, I’d probably think were true. If the Texas attorney general had said that, it’s ironic no one asked me about Paxton’s statements after he made them or I would have corrected him to begin with.

We’re a national player. We’re the 6th largest city in the state of Texas, and the 19th largest city in the United States, and people need to recognize who we are and what we’re about.

Q: From my understanding, we haven’t seen his itinerary yet, he’s just coming for a campaign rally. He is the president, but he’s just coming more as a campaign to talk about his policies. If he doesn’t tour the border or tour El Paso do you think he is selling El Paso short, he’s not getting the full picture of El Paso?

A: If there’s not some briefing or opportunity for us to show the president who we are and what we’re about that will be disappointing to me. But at least he’s coming down. I’m hopeful I’ll get a chance to visit with him, but that hasn’t been confirmed. It’s a political rally, our police department is planning for security, as I understand that’s going to cost us a heck of a lot of money on overtime. But I think it’s worth it if we can show the border and what we are all about.

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